The Effects of Polarized Sunglasses on Iphone Screen Polarization 360 Degree Visible Test
Published date: 2018/3/9

Today, let's learn the simplest and most practical test of the quality of Apple's mobile phone screen. 

In daily life, when you wear sunglasses and look at the phone screen, if the phone screen is poor quality, it will appear that you cannot see the screen content at a certain angle, which is very inconvenient for us.

It is a very important to test whether the mobile phone screen is 360-degree visible through forward and reverse, and different angles. Products with poor quality will appear to only see the screen in one direction, and the other directions cannot be seen clearly. , Or both color and brightness change.

All of our MP+ brand iPhone screens are 360-degree visible and original new products. All products are shipped after 100% strict testing.

360 degree.png

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